dash-evolution-clearDash Evolution creates a new type of cryptographic currency with various advanced features that assist in the creation of decentralized technology. Dash introduces a tiered network design, which allows users to do various jobs for the network, along with decentralized API access and a decentralized file system.

We will be writing the software for this project in stages, the first stage will take about 2 months to have a very early prototype for Dash Evolution that includes a basic implementation of DashDrive, Primitives, DAPI and a simple T3 wallet. In six to eight months, we should be entering testnet phase with most basic functionality. In 12-18 months, we plan for the first release version (a stable prototype).

Included below is our current work on Evolution, that adds many components such as:

  • DashDrive – A decentralized shared file system that lives on the second tier network
  • DAPI – A decentralized API which allows third tier users to access the network securely
  • DashPay Decentralized Wallets – These wallets are light clients connected to the network via DAPI and run on various platforms
  • Second Tier – The masternode network, which provides compensated infrastructure for the project
  • Budgets – The second tier is given voting power to allocate funds for specific projects on the network via the budget system
  • Governance – The second tier is given voting power to govern the currency and chart the course the currency takes
  • Quorum Chain – This feature introduces a permanent stable masternode list, which can be used to calculate past and present quorums
  • Primitives – We introduce Users, Groups and Accounts which allow a common way of interacting with the network.
  • Social Wallet – By utilizing primitives, we introduce a social wallet, which allows friends lists, grouping of users and shared accounts.
  • DSQL – A query language for administering the network via majority quorums (banning users, setting important network variables such as sporks on/off, etc)

Evolution Documentation Release

We’re going to try something different with the development of Dash Evolution. This is a social experiment on building an entire currency completely in the open, with extreme transparency, as such, things will change constantly. This is intended to be an open discovery process that helps us to create the best possible implementation, GUI and feature set for Dash Evolution. Help us to flesh out these documents by editing, correcting or even coming up with new ideas that we could work into the system.

The documentation below is intended to be very high level, which should give a clear understanding of how to build and secure such a system. These aren’t really intended to be whitepapers, just simple technical documents showing the design choices and structures.

Many of these documents are outlines of ideas of how different pieces of Dash Evolution will work, they aren’t complete, feel free to add to these as well. To help us, simply click the “EDIT” button, then request access to the given documents. Please do not edit the documents directly, instead use the google docs “Suggest” feature. This is intended to be an open discussion of the technology in the documents, that will evolve with the project.


Evan Duffield

We will be releasing many more documents not here yet in the near future, please keep coming back to see updates and progress of Evolution.

Releases: Last Updated – December 4th, 2015

Name Description Downloads
Dash v13 Basic outline of new paper v1
DashPay Decentralized Wallet Social wallet implementation using DAPI and Primitives v1
Evolution Source Basic classed out structure for Evolution, without most functionality implemented. This should give a general idea of how the system will function. Evolution Repo
DAPI Paper Basic outline of how our decentralized API functions v1
DAPI Python SDK Documentation Basic usage overview v1


Dash v13 – Diagrams


Name Description
Merchant Flow Merchant flow with DSQL
Evolution Components Chain of components and how they fit together
DAPI Communication DAPI comm with DSQL
Name First Design Email/Username reservation scheme
DAPI Request Internal DAPI request comm
Quorum Selection Quorum Selection via proof of work
DashDrive COR Operation DashDrive write/read operations from multiple shards